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MS Excel open copy of excel in windows 8/8.1

Welcome to my simple blog :)

Hii guys, are you have a trouble when you open excel file or other ms office file with password protected then open too a copy of ... (name file) if you have congrats you have same with me :D

Okey skip long time when i'm searching at last i find it, how to solve them
it turns out the problem is with the preview pane of windows explorer specialy for windows 7 and up. then i disable the preview pane .... voilaa the problem is done, so simple :D

this is tha answer on forum from billiken and he says :
"I believe the problem is the Preview Pane in Windows. When you click on the password protected file, Windows tries to show a preview of the file, can't open it and it triggers the request for the password of a "Copy of X". If you turn off the preview pane in the directory where the password protected file is, you should no longer have this problem. I was experiencing this and turning off the preview pane worked for me. I …

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